About Hard Fuel Meals

about us

You can’t out-exercise a bad diet. We knew that, and so do you. 

But between 60-hour workweeks and being full-time parents, my wife and I barely had enough time to squeeze in a few trips to the gym every week, let alone make healthy food choices. We understood the importance of eating a diet that was rich in muscle building protein, heart-healthy fats, and the right types of carbohydrates to give us the energy to get through our busiest of days, but too often we’d have to rely on unhealthy “convenience” foods or choke down another meal of rubbery, tasteless chicken breast and soggy broccoli.

Back in 2016, armed with a single slow cooker and the motivation to learn all that we could, we set out to re-invent the notion of meal prepping. We discovered how to create healthy versions of comfort food; added new twists to old favorites and kept the flavors that we loved while getting rid of the empty calories that were sabotaging our lifestyles. 

What started in our house back then has since grown into a fully stocked commercial kitchen utilizing the latest advances in culinary technology. We carefully select only the highest quality ingredients. We use garden-fresh vegetables and choice cuts of protein, including vegetarian sources, and prepare them with scratch-made sauces and special seasonings to create meals that you’ll actually look forward to eating. And because you should never have to settle for fillers, we don’t either. Hard Fuel Meals are packaged fresh the same day they’re delivered, eliminating the need for preservatives or sodium.

Our team began with just myself, Coty Gilliam, along with my wife Hillery. Now, the Hard Fuel Meals team has expanded and consists of people that we know, love, and trust – our family and closest friends. We’re committed to putting out delicious, nutritious meals designed to move you closer to your goals, whether that’s trying to earn your pro card, shed a few pounds, or just have the energy to keep up with the kids at the end of the day.