Custom Meal

Please select protein and sides. If you only want one side, select NONE for side two.

Custom Meal


Nutrition Information

With our Custom Meal Section you have Control over each item in your Meal! Choose a 4oz., 6oz. or 8oz. Protein Portion then a Carb and Veggie or Choose a Protein and Double carbs or Double veggies! We'll leave that up to you!

Each Portion you Choose is weighed out on our Commercial Food scales to insure you are getting the Macros you need! Click the Nutrition information for our Nutritional Spread Sheet!

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COVID-19 Notice
Due to the recent covid-19 pandemic some pickup locations are no longer available. The safety of our family and yours is top priority. So we ask that when you are picking up Your meals please treat it as a drive-thru. Pull up, roll down your window, and let us know who you’re picking up for and we will bring it to the car for you! We will be open and fulfilling your meal prep needs as long as we are allowed to.

Schedule Notice
We will be closed the weeks of April 6th-12th, June 29th-July 5th,  September 7th-13th,  December 21st-27th 2020