Custom Meal

Please select protein and sides. If you only want one side, select NONE for side two.

Custom Meal


Nutrition Information

With our Custom Meal Section you have Control over each item in your Meal! Choose a 4oz., 6oz. or 8oz. Protein Portion then a Carb and Veggie or Choose a Protein and Double carbs or Double veggies! We'll leave that up to you!

Each Portion you Choose is weighed out on our Commercial Food scales to insure you are getting the Macros you need! Click the Nutrition information for our Nutritional Spread Sheet!

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The Hard Fuel Meals kitchen will be closed on May 8-15th.

Thank you for choosing Hard Fuel Meals for your meal prep needs. We strive to provide you the best possible service in meal prep. You can simply click on any of the menus to browse what we have to offer for the week. You then can click add to cart for a quick option, or choose view details for the description of the meal and macros. We also offer a custom menu so you can build your meals the way you see fit. Once you place your order, you should receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive one please check with us to confirm your order. If at any point while placing your order you have questions please feel free to call or text 423-991-3242. We appreciate your business and hope we can serve you soon! 

*All meals with broccoli should be eaten or frozen by Wednesday to keep them fresh.